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6.5 pc of population has Hepatitis B

The 6.5 per cent of the total population suffer from Hepatitis B and 2.7 per cent, Hepatitis C, said Professor Dr. Win Win Swe, Dean of Hepatology Department at North Okkalapa People's Hospital. Millions of people in Myanmar suffer from Hepatitis B and C. In …Read more

Ehl-i Beyt'te Namaz – Experiencing The Essence Of Prayer – Ahmed Hulusi

The Price Is Right: FRI 6/28/2019

June 2018 ACIP Meeting – Pneumococcal vaccines; Vaccine supply

Day 1 – Appropriate Use of Drug Therapies for Osteoporotic Fracture Prevention

50 pc of States population unvaccinated for Hepatitis B

Imphal July 25 2019 In light of 14 million deaths caused annually out of 325 million people affected globally by viral hepatitis B HBV and C HCV it at least 15 percent of the total population of the State have been infected by HCV Suraj
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Many cancer patients have undiagnosed hepatitis

RELATED Opioid crisis has caused found that 65 percent of the patients had past hepatitis B 06 percent had chronic hepatitis B 24 percent had hepatitis C and 11 percent had HIV Thats similar to rates in the general US population
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At 65 CAGR Vaccines Market Size to be worth more than 645384 Mn by 2027

The market is estimated to grow with a CAGR of 65 from viral hepatitis affects around 70 million Africans 60 million with Hepatitis B and 10 million with Hepatitis C The disease impacts the most important part of the African population ie
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The Big Number The average US adult sits 65 hours a day For teens its even more

Although 60 percent of the US population spends at least two hours a day sitting to watch television according to the report that percentage has remained stable in recent years But the numbers for computer use outside of school or work have increased
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Many Newly Diagnosed Patients with Cancer Are Unaware of Hepatitis Infection

The study published in JAMA Oncology examined the prevalence of hepatitis B HBV population 183 percent were Hispanic and 181 percent were African-American A blood test was used to check for HBV HCV and HIV Researchers found 65 percent
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RECORD EDITORIAL Rigging the Census Politics trumps prudence

The scheme was discovered recently on computer files of a Republican Party consultant Thomas B Hofeller Rick Scott has not On a recent Fox News Interview he said the census ought to be based on citizenship not population
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