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5 of the coolest fashion trends of Summer 2019

The streets of fashion capitals like London, New York, Paris and Milan are awashed with the latest designs of Summer 2019. So, what's in? Anything …Read more

The Summer Trends 10 Out of 10 Fashion Girls Will Wear

Take a glance at any fashion out a little summer sun isnt going to stop them from putting their skills to use To keep cool theyre layering an assortment of sheer pieces both over and under their clothing The 90s trend train isnt pulling
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The Best Swimsuits On Sale for Summer 2019

Photo by Slim AaronsGetty Images Thank Neptune all the best swimsuits are on sale right now Sure its nearly August and your closet already smells faintly of chlorine andor seawater but youve done summer right swim with the trends and
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Summer sale Get 5 issues of Official PlayStation Magazine – UK for just 5

For a limited time you can subscribe to Official PlayStation Magazine – UK for five issues and pay just 5 It means youll never miss an issue Official PlayStation Magazine – UK is Britains best-selling videogames magazine and the official source
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The Best Summer Polka Dot Dresses of 2019

In fashion Well the latest trend on the internets a polka dot dress from Zara Say hello to hot4thespot a user submitted Instagram documented by spotters pun intended that see the polka dot dress thats taking over this summer
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The Best Fashion Instagrams of the Week Rosala Cardi B and More

Its for sure not a color or fabric one would reach for in the dog days of summer and that made Blancos outfit all the more cool
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How a shapeless 70 frock became the dress of summer

LONDON The most viral fashion item of the summer thus far is not Janties denim panties Most of all she just really loves food shopping in Marks Spencer Cultural trends rooted in mass consumption and with a tinge thus of unoriginality
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