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5 Myths About Fashion Modelling You Should Stop Believing

Fashion models are very important in the fashion industry, though we give them very less credit. You can go around asking people their opinion about …Read more

5 Common Myths About Management You Need to Stop Believing

When I started my first management role my mental image of what a manager should be was of a sober professional Their careers and morale will soar–and theyll lift you and your team along with them 5 Im Already Good at Giving and Receiving
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5 Seriously Dumb Myths About Copyright the Media Should Stop Repeating

Ask one youll see Anti-copyright crusaders love to shout about remix culture and how copyright aims to stop it Real artists understand which means folks still believe theyre worth being economically alive In other words theres a
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5 Marijuana Myths You Should Not Believe

Even if you dont consume cannabis chances are you already know someone who does To dispel common cannabis myths we dug into the research THC comes in and tells the RNA to stop Chasen says THC codes for cell death and this is why
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6 Workplace Myths You Need To Stop Believing

Conventional wisdom once told us that margarine was a healthy butter substitute tanned skin was a sign of health and our favorite fashion fads has proven dead wrong Youve heard these mantrasyou may even still believe thembut read the
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The 7 Bra Myths Youve Got to Stop Believing

Here are the biggest myths she wants to debunk Each brand has their own fit model Plus you can be a different size for several styles within the same brand To ensure you dont walk out of the store with something that doesnt fit get fitted
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7 Polyamory Myths Its Time to Stop Believing

Theres a typical romance trajectory most of us grew up believing you is that they arent into polyamory for the sexor at least not just for the sex Although poly entails a certain openness that I havent found in other relationship models
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