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'The Last Collection' is a story about war and fashion — and fashion at war

I've never known much about fashion — especially not the Vogue, Paris couture type — but when I read the words “Coco Chanel” in conjunction to …Read more

Books for the beach and the brain this summer

I know it was published last year but all the same I am going to choose Anthony but also a vivid exploration of family secrets uncovered and the effects of trauma as well as a war story about women working the land and doing whatever they had to
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Whats the Real Story Behind Ashley and Kathryns Fight

She is currently pursuing several business ventures related to her passions in fashion and home design And now as Shakespeare so eloquently wrote about war Once more unto the breach dear friends once more This year has Mr Shepard Rose in
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The pointlessness of war

But these diptychs do not always necessarily carry on the story being told Rather Richard England he speaks of the pointlessness of war the pointlessness of which has been the subject of so many artists and poets And although the subject
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Jordyn Woods announces fashion line

Khlo who normally live tweets every Sunday during the show told her followers last week that she wouldnt be during this episode for obvious reasons However Khlo did post some cryptic messages on her IG story her upcoming fashion line with
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Top 100 Russian and Soviet movies

A tale about Soviet rock-and-rollers who illegally buy foreign fashion items listen to banned Western to be turned off for the first time since the Great Patriotic War This romantic story set in summertime St Petersburg was a true cinematic event
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Stocks edge up and SP 500 index hits new high

The benchmark index spent much of the day hovering below its previous high but it edged up in the last few minutes of trading recession eased and negotiations in the US-China trade war appear to be making progress The Federal Reserve has done
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