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'Old Town Road' has just broken an absolutely ridiculous record

'Old Town Road' by Lil Nas X, ever heard of it? You don't even need to answer that question, we know you have. It would be literally impossible not to have heard it, as it has been played on seemingly every radio station at least once per hour since it was …Read more

Respect Is a Two-Way Street

I had my children at ages 37 and 39 old enough that the risk of Down syndrome was elevated as it was for Palin and my doctor recommended amniocentesis Had the results indicated any abnormality I have little doubt that I would have made a different
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Trading up is hard to do

True Champ Aliko Dangote The Redeemer Lets not blame Lamb and Adams for this Seems to have colored some opinions I doubt harden was going to be happy as a third wheel to KD and Russ anyway
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