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'Luca' review: Intriguing love-story entwined in a murder mystery

Luca is the story of an artist who revels in his quirks and lives in a quaint home-cum-studio where creates beauty out of paper and scrap. The film is all about how a young girl enters his eccentric world and finds home in the man. And running parallel is the …Read more

Luca review Intriguing love-story entwined in a murder mystery

But the love story comes entwined in a murder mystery drawing you to multiple narratives as the chain of events unfold At the same time Luca is not the wild pulse-racing roller-coaster ride that keeps surprising you in every ten minutes The intrigue
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Clamp Double Feature Tsubasa Chronicle and xxxHOLiC DVD Review

Its intriguing and adds to the dreaminess As soon as a person flips the DVD case over to read the back they see the following words OVER 2 HOURS OF BONUS FEATURES Its right there on the top Now thats a lot of bonus Each movie gets its own DVD
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We the Narrators

Weve seen the murder-suicide of the Clifford Jacksons which he describes on his website as a love story with ghosts is set in the 1898 Omaha Worlds Fair The fair marks a point of possible transformation both for Omahastill in
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How Mary Poppins creator P L Travers wrecked the lives of two innocent boys

Equally intriguing was her relationship with Madge Burnand There were frequent hot-tempered rows which suggested they were entwined and speculation was heightened when during a holiday in Italy Madge Burnand photographed Travers topless on the
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Next chapter must-read books for 2014

Japanese writer Haruki MurukamiCreditMarco Garcia In fiction we can look forward to a new Salman Rushdie novel a new Hercule Poirot mystery a sequel to The was reprinted by Text in 2012 Among many intriguing debuts the standout might be Here
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BroadwayWorld Newsroom

The Tony Awards are like Christmas in June for theatre lovers and that makes this years nominees the reason for the season This years Tony nominees transported us with the magic of theatre and were saluting their work by taking a closer look at their
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