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'Luca' review: A gripping thriller with a few quibbles

In Luca too, he's an artist – but of the temperamental, wildly impulsive sort. Despite the slew of films that the actor has signed in the recent past, he's managed to stay versatile without allowing viewer fatigue to set in. In Arun Bose's debut directorial (co-written …Read more

Article 15 review Wild wild heartland

Article 15 plays out like a thriller almost monochromatic frames and the morning mist adding to the murkiness of things There are quibbles At times Sinha seems Sinha doesnt lose the emotional grip on the audience has you invest in the events
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The Killing II new knitwear same gripping drama

Last night BBC4s surprise cult hit subtitled Danish thriller The Killing or Forbrydelsen In the first series each false lead was explored with gripping relish but in this more compressed format there seems to be less adventure in the misadventures
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A Most Violent Year Review

After giving us the excellent financial thriller Margin Call and the gripping survival drama All is Lost something more thoughtfully delivered a bit jarring to our senses A few things do slip through the filmmakers tight and expert control
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DSLR Review Olympus E-520

2008 Joe Farace Usually when I test digital cameras I have something to kvetch about but the Olympus E-520 is like a golden retriever puppy Its just too cute and fun to be around Sure I have a few a small quibbles but this is the best all around
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Writers Theatre season to include Sondheims Into The Woods Ibsens A Dolls House

Before long quibbles over vocabulary and Wikipedia citations turn into Director Marti Lyons Witch returns to WT to stage this intellectual thriller of a play that examines equality revolution and what happens when people set aside the niceties
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Review Short Stories Dark Lies the Island by Kevin Barry

Kevin Barry is 42 and he was first published five years ago anything that reads this well was hard-earned A few quibbles do Irish people really use the F-word in its sexual sense as frequently as here Also it would have been nice to see more
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