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'Jesus' trends on Twitter after pastors take him to church in Kenya

So Jesus is back y'all 🤣 & he's in tour — Mpho (@mphogrey) July 29, 2019. Understandably, the fact that many people believed the man actually was Jesus amazed everyone. This is Madness! So this Man was brought to preach …Read more

Jesus trends on Twitter after pastors take him to church in Kenya

Theres only one real shot in the new CGI version of The Lion King Did you spot it Well if you didnt film director
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Britain extradites miracle baby pastor to Kenya

NairobiLondon Televangelist Gilbert Deya was extradited to Kenya to take him to court said inspector general of police Joseph Boinnet Deya has been running his Gilbert Deya Ministries operation from Peckham south London His churchs website
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Police Officer gives light during mission to Kenya

Debbie remembers one girl running up to one of the donated gift bags which she wasnt supposed to have until after school asking if she could just take the church made a video back at home with a pastor interviewing a pilot showing him around
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Christian persecution in Kenya What Americans should know do

In Kenya I reached out to American missionary and church planter Pastor Josh Lawrence who planted Calvary I gave a Muslim my phone number today after sharing the gospel with him I dont know if he took my number so we could be friends or if
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Senior pastor arrested for impregnating two teenage sisters

The 30-year-old who is the senior Pastor of Unabii Christian Church in Kenya was arrested after the orphaned sisters aged 15 and 17 disclosed that they had both been having sexual relationships with him and were and I opted to take them to a nearby
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Shock as pastor speaks to God during a church service

In video that has gone viral a pastor has surprised believers of the Gospel and the online community as he spoke to God on phone as his congregation cheered him during their church service The pastor of the church in Zimbabwe is filmed as he called a
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