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37 malatang restaurants violate food sanitation law

The Food Safety Ministry has moved to sanction 37 restaurants and food suppliers providing Chinese street food for violating laws on sanitation, the …Read more

House Bill 263 New law opens patios to pooches

John Kasich signing House Bill 263 on July 30 canine lovers soon will be able to enjoy food and beverages with their dogs by their sides in outdoor seating areas at willing restaurants current law Guillozet said the penalty would be a violation
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Seafood fraud cases plummet as NOAA cuts investigators

Hes seen a lot over the years enough to know that the crab might have been taken in violation departments Office of Food Protection Inspectors can check receipts to determine whether a product is properly labeled but their focus is sanitation
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Cameroon Routine Torture Incommunicado Detention

Torture has long been endemic in Cameroons law enforcement and military system They reported severe overcrowding inadequate and insufficient food lack of sanitation poor medical assistance and no access to fresh air or sunlight
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Air traffic controllers sue Trump administration over lost wages during government shutdown

77 In addition to sanitation Center 37 DC businesses are giving federal employees discounts There are free bagels from a bakery across from the closed National Zoo and bottomless mimosas and bloody marys for 15 every day at a restaurant
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Flies in bourbon moldy fruit among Ann Arbors August food violations

Of the 221 restaurants and food service facilities inspected in August 83 had two or more priority violations which are the most serious violations that are most likely to lead to food-borne illness There were 37 restaurants that had three or more
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Diner detectives Health inspections unveil eateries good bad ugly

Health inspectors closed it twice for serious violations during the past two years for a total of 11 days the longest stretch for any local restaurant During inspections it also amassed four times more violation food afterward By state law
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