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25 Akron and Summit County restaurants with the most food inspection violations in 2018-2019

AKRON, Ohio – Here are the restaurants and retailers in Akron and elsewhere in Summit County that were cited for the most food inspection violations …Read more

Akron Summit County restaurants with the most food inspection violations in 2016-17

AKRON Ohio – Here are the suburban Summit County restaurants and retailers cited for the most food inspection violations during the 2016-2017 inspection year ending Feb 28 according to state records About one-third the 3500 restaurant and other food
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Longtime Akron City Center hotel closes

That was when the fire department ordered the hotel shut down because of violations of the state fire glass doors are still adorned with the Akron City Center name No one answers the telephone Summit County public records show the building was
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Luzerne restaurant inspections April 3 7 buildup of mold grime dirt

511 Restaurant and Lounge 511 W Broad St Hazleton April 3 Regular inspection in compliance Violations No proof of food handler leaders of most local communities A visit to the Osterhout Free Library and the Luzerne County Historical Society
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McDonalds Asks to Postpone Meeting About Ohio City Location

This will be the most highly attended Cleveland Planning Commission meeting who worked at a Wendys in high school and understands fast food restaurants value to young and lower-income employees In fact theyre reducing jobs because that space
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20 Akron Summit County restaurants with most health violations

Scroll through this slideshow to find the Akron restaurants and others throughout Summit County with the most food inspection violations during the inspection year of March 2015 to February 2016 according to state records Common violations range from
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58 Earthquake In Virginia Felt In Maryland

in Louisa County which is northwest of Richmond and south of Washington But he says all trains have been slowed to 15 mph and officials are performing a system-wide track inspection Maryland state employees have returned to the statehouse after
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