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2019 Ninja Warrior winner is not who you expected

A killer core, buff body and super strength's just what you need for Ninja Warrior victory, but this year's winner may have surprised some. Yes, he has all of those winning qualities, but a 68kg Charlie Robbins proved no bronzed adonis has to necessarily take …Read more

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Playing FORTNITE after season 4 | Not what i expected Fortnight

American Ninja Warrior 2019 Results and Highlights from Episode 8

Mondays fastest two finishers competed in the Power Tower with the winner Ninja Warrior ninjawarrior The trifecta has been achieved by RealLifeNinja Thanks for watching and well see you
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Golf nerd and underdog Charlie Robbins wins Australian Ninja Warrior

For everyone watching it who thinks they cant win or theyre not in the right sport give it a crack Whats the worst that could happen Australian Ninja Warrior 2019 winner Charlie individual sport where youre not relying on other
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Emmys 2019 7 Most Pleasant Surprises On The Nominations List

There are the expected Ninja Warrior and last years winner RuPauls Drag Race The show which riffs off the sort of competition series popularized by the Food Network features amateur bakers and is carried by its ebullient host Nicole Byer c
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The 7 most pleasant surprises of the Emmy nominations from Schitts Creek nods to a sweep from When They See Us

There are the expected presents Game of Thrones The Marvelous Mrs Maisel the slight surprises The Good Place Barry and the oh-my-goodness-I-cant-believe-you Ninja Warrior and last years winner RuPaul
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Our interview with Cedar Falls gym owner who advanced on NBC Ninja Warrior show

CEDAR FALLS In Mondays American Ninja Warrior episode hit it right away and not have too much time to think about it Behrends called the whole experience a dream that was way better than you ever expected
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Ninja Warrior UKs greatest obstacle Mount Midoriyama is finally beaten for first time ever

After five years Ninja Warrior UKs greatest obstacle has been beaten Not for the Last years winner Tim Shieff came painstakingly close to completing it before falling on its penultimate challenge the flying bars If youve got a story
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