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2019 – Guide to Climate and Food Security Analyses

Climate and food security analyses are an important first step to identify the most appropriate policies and progammes that WFP, governments and …Read more

Will climate change lead to more world conflict

And experts identify Europes extreme heat wave as a taste of what is likely to happen more often because of climate change The human consequences of climate change include more food insecurity climate change does pose security threats
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Climate change is affecting crop yields and reducing global food supplies

The difference between what we would have predicted based on the counterfactual weather and what actually occurred reflects the influence of climate change Our analysis showed that climate
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Governments and firms in 28 countries sued over climate crisis report

Photograph Mike Bowersfor the Guardian Climate action lawsuits against governments and corporations have spread across 28 countries according to a new analysis were failing to ensure water food and energy security in the face of the challenges
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UN Climate crisis threatens sustainable development goals

The impacts of climate change risk eroding and reversing decades of progress on inequality and food security according to a stark warning contained in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Report 2019 Launched earlier this week at the
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Innovation research key to food security

Universities have a role in addressing the problem of the rural household poverty through generating research around seed technologies better planting methods soil analysis The food security challenge has often been attributed to climate change
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The Energy 202 Agriculture Department pushes back against reports its trying to curb climate-related science

When this has to be said it confirms what we all know said a senior employee at the National Institute of Food and Agriculture Committee on June 5 about the security risks the United States faces because of climate change
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