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2 dozen investors to be probed in Mureed murder case

Investigations reveal that ‘tyre business’ was shady and several other noted figures from media industry have also invested in this business. Share: Google+ Share Whatsapp · INP. July 12, 2019. KARACHI – Investigations in the unfortunate murders of …Read more

2 dozen investors to be probed in Mureed Abbas and Khizar Hayat murder sources

It has been decided that over 2 dozen individuals would be told media that the prime suspect of Mureed Abbas Khar and Khizers murder case was Atif Zaman who gunned down both persons after
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Police expand probe in anchorperson murder case

Reports emerged that all stakeholders and investors in business with Atif Zaman were being contacted in reference to the homicide It has been decided that over two dozen individuals the prime suspect in Mureed Abbas murder case was Atif Zaman who
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Despite political tensions Stanfords Saudi partnerships continue with little scrutiny

When Mohammed bin Salman the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia visited the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT last spring several dozen protesters locals it acknowledged that the apparent murder in October of Washington Post journalist
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The Unsolved Murder of Joe Avila Is Only One of Many Loose Ends From OCs Coked-Out 80s

His murder on Jan 2 1999 so heNs unable to respond to GalloNs claim that he murdered Avila over an unpaid debt Court records show however that on Nov 14 1989 Marvich filed a civil suit against a surviving Avila family member The case never
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Divest no evil

One is from the New England Conference of the United Methodist Church which has drawn up a list of a dozen divestment targets has financed over 2 billion in projects in Iran and was probed by British intelligence in 2004 for the alleged misuse
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KARACHI Investigations in the murder of anchorperson Mureed Abbas and his friend Khizar Hayat have commenced with the law enforcement officials compiling a list of people involved in the tyre business which
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