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18 ideal colour combinations for men

These are basic solids, and technically, all combinations can work. But, to make it easy when you’re starting out, focus on the top three choices I put together for you. We’re discussing color, not illustration accuracy or level of formality. This visual guide contains symbols representing tops, bottoms, and shoes. These are not necessarily representative of any specific type of shirt, a pair of pants, or shoes.

1.HSY light blue shirt with denim for the casual look

2.Abbas Jaffery Another classic: grey,white

3.Abbas Jaffery Another classic: grey,white

4.Abbas Jaffery blue and white to help you stand out from the crowd

5.Warm natural colours for autumn

6.A highly original combination

7.And a second one

8.perfectly with brown

9.Warm natural colours for autumn

10.always looks impressive

11.Another classic

12.The Men

13.The perfect harmony

© #fashion

14.Perfect professional look

© #Ranver-fashion

15.A beige-coloured coat always looks impressive

© #streetfashion

16.A highly original combination

© #Men of the hour!
17.A stylish combination of dark & light colours

© asrar-fashion

18.A beige-coloured coat always looks impressive

© irfan-fashion

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