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15th Sathee Writers Awards Held At Arts Council Of Pakistan (ACP)

The 15th edition of "Sathee Writers Awards" for the years 2017-18 was held at the Arts Council of Pakistan (ACP), with prominent Urdu Scholar Dr.Read more

World Heritage 43 COM

1 Takes note of the report of the Rapporteur of the 42nd session of the World Heritage Committee Manama 2018 5 Reports of the World Heritage Centre and the Advisory Bodies 5A Report of the World Heritage Centre on its activities and the
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The ingrown toenail of Australian politics

Neither major political party any longer represents the electorate as a whole writes Tim Dunlop They have instead become self-perpetuating mechanisms for the advancement of their own kind What we are seeing in Australia at the moment is a collapse in
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Africa Pambazuka News 173

A little over a year later only four countries The Comoros Libya Rwanda and Namibia have ratified it This is far from the required 15 ratifications for the Protocol to come into force One might ask why ratification of the Protocol is so important and
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VUToday 2016

The Tennessean Literary Award Gala celebrates civil rights icon John Lewis Inside Higher Ed Opinion Building a diverse STEM workforce ABC News Defense secretary contender James Mattis faces legal obstacle to getting the post The Christian Science
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Africa Pambazuka News 233 WTO Special Issue Will Africa stand firm in Hong Kong

What is the World Trade Organisation WTO According to the WTO website its the only global international organisation dealing with the rules of trade between nations At its heart are the WTO agreements negotiated and signed by the bulk of the world
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