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10 Ways That The Incredible Hulk Ties Into The Wider MCU

Now that the first three phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have wrapped up with Avengers: Endgame, it’s fun to go back and connect all the dots that make up the so-called “Infinity Saga”. However, something that quickly becomes apparent when …Read more

How The Marvel Comics Transformed Into The Marvel Cinematic Universe

This Is The Right Order To Watch Every MCU Movie

5 Things Marvel Has Already Gotten Right With Endgame

The Truth About Venom Showing Up In Spider-Man: Far From Home

10 More Forgotten Marvel Characters Who Could Return On Disney Following AVENGERS ENDGAME

Either way it would be awesome seeing his story finally continue and until Marvel changes its mind about a Hulk movie the history of the MCU would be embraced by fans While Im sure her television commitments have factored into the characters
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6 Upcoming MCU Films That Could Introduce X-MEN Characters

And the first threat that Wolverine took on in the comicsin his first appearance and many other times after thatwas none other than the Incredible Hulk If the MCU debut of Wolverine Marvel Studios and tie-in heavily into any upcoming movies
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Whos up next 9 potential MCU villains for Avengers 4 and beyond

Over the past 10 years the Marvel Cinematic Universe including the Fantastic Four this could be an incredible way to introduce the Richards family into the already established MCU Additionally since every Fantastic Four movie ever made by Fox
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14 superhero movies whose successes and failures have shaped the genre since 2008 from the grit of The Dark Knight to the dominance of the MCU

In fact the MCU had only just begun with Iron Man and the less impressive The Incredible Hulk later Knight was the way of the future With that in mind the genre has faced a sort of whiplash effect throughout the last 10 years and below
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A scientific deep dive into the Marvel movies most hilarious trope the shirtless scene

Without delay then heres our deep dive into the MCUs most enduring Relevance to character 510 Its an intimate moment between lovers and it calls back to a similar scene in The Incredible Hulk where Bruce was played by Edward Norton
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What Warner Bros Should Do To Finally Fix The Future Of The DCEU

Turn DC Films into a studio with full development and creative powers DC fans loath comparisons to Marvel but its really true that a crucial advantage the MCU has had so far they didnt blink about The Incredible Hulks box office fizzle and
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