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10 minutes morning exercise which help to reduce your weight

There are many benefits to morning workouts. As we know everyone wants to have fit and perfect body shape. Morning is the best time for weight reduction exercises and other benefits include improved sleep and promote to healthy life.
We are happy to introduce morning exercise which is easier to do and helps you to lose weight in just 10 minuets daily workout.

1. Heron

2. Stretching

© kristinmcgee / instagram

3. Sphinx + Cobra

© cryptonyta / instagram

4. Candle

© cernyfit / instagram

5. Embryo

© kristinmcgee / instagram

6. Bends

© kristinmcgee / instagram

7. Hummer

© kristinmcgee / instagram

8. Post with ropes

© michaelcvazquez / instagram

9. Roll

© owlmountyoga / instagram

10. Twisting

© thewarrioryogi / instagram

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