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10 Data Privacy and Encryption Laws Every Business Needs to Know

You’ve probably heard that every business needs to stay up to date on and comply with the latest encryption and privacy laws. Failure to comply will result in fines that can range upwards of tens of millions of dollars. But which laws do you need to comply with, …Read more

Data security and small companies

This is how companies read your emails and why you need end-to-end encryption

Cybersecurity: Crash Course Computer Science #31

What is wrong with the Personal Data Protection Bill

What Every Edtech Company Needs to Know About Schools and Data Privacy

Know the variations among jurisdictions and their data privacy state laws Districts are wary of vendors who intend to use PII as a means to an endespecially when that end is solely the development of the vendors product or related business
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The Windows 10 security guide How to safeguard your business

BitLocker is the brand name that Microsoft uses for the encryption tools available in business editions of Windows Also Windows 10 Experts Guide Everything you need to know about BitLocker With BitLocker enabled every bit of data on the device is
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Top 10 Benefits of Encryption as an Enabler

If deployed correctly encryption does not need to be a headache Instead encryption can be an enabler to achieve the flexibility compliance and data privacy that is required in todays business know that there are data breach notification laws
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FBI Director Apples Encryption Technology Will Have Serious Consequences For Law Enforcement

I dont think I know their privacy he said and its very hard to do anything about it The Center for Democracy and Technology said in a statement that law enforcement already has ways to obtain the electronic data it needs Encryption of our
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Lawmakers criticize FBIs request for encryption back doors

Law enforcement representatives called on lawmakers to find a way to allow access to encrypted data as a Congress needs to find the right balance between privacy and national security but building back doors in encryption would be similar to drilling
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NCs Burr Tech companies should help shape encryption laws

His business relies on impenetrable encryption they need to investigate and stop terrorism Ross said Any proposal we consider must make sure that we dont show our playbook to terrorists and that there isnt a backdoor into every law
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